Safety Services:
Safety Consultants at Elite Auditing are trained in many areas of the Oil & Gas Safety industry to ensure that our clients receive the safest services possible. Services are performed at or on dockside facilities, marine vessels, remote locations, offshore facilities and land pumping stations. Consultants ensure our clients that a Quality Control Assessment is performed and all questionable issues are brought to the client immediately for review and corrective actions. Elite performs Pre-Job & Post-Job Assessment review's with contractors and management teams. Elite personnel are trained Annually for the benefit of our clients in the fields of Safety. All employees are trained in: Hazwoper 40 Hr 29CFR 1910.120 Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response Regulations, Incipient Fire Fighting,Permit Required Confined Space Attendant/Entrant/Rescue 29CFR 1910.146, H2S Safety 30CFR 250.67, Basic Rigging API RP2D, Acc. to Medical, Asbestos Safety, Back Safety, Benzene, Blood Born Path., Compressed Gas, CFND Space Awareness, Crane Safety, Drug Free Workplace, Electrical Safety, EEP, Eye Safety, Fall Protection, H2S Safety Awareness, Hazcom/MSDS, Hearing Conserve, Heat Stress, Hot Work, Intro To OSHA, Lock-out/Tag-out, Machine Guarding, N.O.R.M. Awareness, Offshore Orientation, P.P.E., Respiratory Protection, Scaffold Safety, Stairway/Ladder Safety, Welding/Burning, LEAD Awareness, PEC, Safe land USA, Safe Gulf.

K-9 Detection Services:
K-9's and Handlers are trained and certified to the same stringent standards that our Law Enforcement and US Customs Agents and  K-9's are trained. Our teams go out on behalf of the customers. Our customers do not have to worry about being turned in or  prosecuted for narcotics being found on their facilities.  We remove illegal substances and leave it up to the customer to  proceed with charges being filed with the employee.  We use a passive detection method so there is not the worry  of damage to materials or equipment for our clients.  All handlers are trained in the recognition of Narcotic making  components and all K-9's are certified in 5 different categories of  narcotics and their derivative components.We specialize in the  detection of Narcotics in the Oil and Gas Industry and facility site  searches. Our K-9's and handlers have achieved certification  through the "NPCA" National Police Canine Association  and the "NNDDA" National Narcotic Detector Dog Association.‚Äč

Committed To Excellence 


Dockside Services:

Elite's dock side services consist of Vessel Management, Drilling Fluids Handling, and Vessel Tank Cleaning Policies & Procedures. 

Vessel Management: 
Our Vessel Management program is tailored to each client's specific needs,  tracking specific data pertinent to their day to day operations for their marine vessels. Included but not limited to: Fuel & Lube Soundings, Condition Of Cargo Tanks, Safety Inspections, Dockside Operations Inspections, Deck Cargo Inspections, Hose & Fittings Inspections, Mooring Techniques, etc. All observations are cross checked against client's policies & procedures and State & Federal Regulations check list for compliance in the event an actual agent boards vessel.
All data collected is computer generated and passed on to management team on a daily basis.

Drilling Fluid Handling: 

Our drilling Fluid Program is tailored to each clients specific needs or demands. If needed a tailored program will be written for client's that demand to have specific data in their reports. Our documentation procedures are as follows but not limited to: Activity Logs outlining all activities and conversation's between client, vendor, and consultant, tank conditions prior to receiving product, pre job safety meeting prior to any work starting, hose & fittings inspection performed prior to pumping operations, measurement of product ordered for verification of quantity, witness fluid check on drilling mud/fluids, if requested sending sample to lab for specific testing, collect samples of fluids and retain for 60 days or completion of project, document vessel draft for precise gauging of fluids being loaded, providing real time updating to clients in the form of phone calls or documentation link, strapping vessel at completion of job to verify quantity of fluids in every tank, all parties involved on fluid transfers are required to sign off on Elite's documentation for weights, quantity, reliable party form, inspection, job safety analysis, and other documentation relative to fluid handling policies and procedures. Elite Auditing collects photos through out the transfer to ensure proper techniques are being utilized.

Vessel Tank Cleaning Oversight:
 We pride our selves in being the most knowledgeable 3rd party QA/QC firm specializing in the below deck tank cleaning operations. We at Elite have developed a firm understanding on policies & procedures within the tank cleaning industry. We have in-depth knowledge of "automated cleaning" & "conventional cleaning" methods. Combined we have successfully overseen hundred's of automated and conventional cleaning projects over the course of 5 years. We have saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary cleaning cost, vessel down times, and stand by times, by using simple yet complex methods and performing pre job assessments prior to contacting a cleaning company. By utilizing our services for your tank cleaning operations we in turn provide an in-depth analysis of operations, safety, and money saving techniques.

Random Dock Side Services:
Elite Auditing offers a variety of " Random Inspections " or  " Spot Check " inspections across the Gulf Coast. Our Spot Checks are for the clients that what to be pro active in the 3rd party oversight of inspections and ensure their policies and procedures are are being followed out in the field. The Spot Checks are designed and tailored to each clients specific needs or request. A "Random Audit" is a fraction of the cost of a full blown Audit but covers specific topics during the inspection. The random Audit generally takes anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on whats required and the location.  Random Audits are performed daily, weekly and or monthly depending on client's needs.

 Random Audits are as follows but not limited to:

  • Random Fuel Sounding
  • Random Hose Inspection
  • Random Safety Inspection
  • Random Fluid/Mud Audit
  • Random Tank Cleaning Audit
  • Random Drill Water Testing 
  • Random Water Contamination (fuel)
  • Random Dock Side Procedures
  • Random U.S.C.G. Fuel Transfer Audit (33CFR154.710 & 33CFR 155.700)
  • Random Vessel Inspection Audit
  • Random Tank Inspection Audit
  • Random Forklift/Crane Safety Audit

Upon completion all documentation is uploaded to Elite server for immediate viewing 24/7.

Other services can be performed upon request from clients.